Sunday, January 06, 2013

Pageants are generally thought of as all glitter and sparkle. Every year we always see a parade of monochromatic, metallic and sheer dresses embroidered with metallic threads and embellished with sparkles of every shade and luster (hello Sherry Hill). Coupled with an elegant presentation, printed or hand-painted gowns are, I think a great way to stand out in a sea of glitters and sequins. Here are some courageous ladies in Miss Universe who thought so and stood out not only in the judges' eyes but got fans' admiration as well: clockwise from top left: Desiree Verdadero (Phil 1984) Rosemarie Brosas (Phil 1975) Kerry Anne Wells (MU 1972) Ilana Goren (Israel 1972) Mariel-Luise Gassen (Germany 1977) Gina Swainson (Bermuda 1979) Angela Visser (MU 1989) Catalina Acosta (Colombia 2000) Eva Ekvall (Venezuela 2001) Magdelene Walcott (T&T 2005) Kristen Dalton (USA 2009) Riyo Mori (MU 2007) Taliana Vargas (Colombia 2008) Vanessa Mendoza (Colombia 2002) Yveta Lutovska (Czech Rep 2009) Hasna Xhukichi (Albania 2009) Lourdes Arevalos (Paraguay 2006) Mayra Matos (PR 2009) Venus, Shamcey and Janine all wore metallic and monochromatic gowns. Let's just have fun, pls post a photo of a printed or hand-painted gown that you think would be a great choice for a new Miss Philippines in Miss Universe PS: My first post. If I missed some girls, just post their photo here, too. Your comments are welcome!

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