Friday, April 20, 2007


It was BED's 4th anniversary party. The music was cool, the people were hot, and the club was not too crowded. A guy was on the pretense of smoking and stood next to me, making furtive glances. Let's call him Scooby (I always call guys I don't know Scooby). I was not in the mood for anything, YET. I pretty much ignored him.

However, for a notorious party person like me, nothing could be more exciting than to have a drink. The whole place is screaming of cocktails. I sauntered to the bar and ordered my favorite: Long Island Iced Tea. I usually get mine at Streetlife (when it's still open) and I get a manageable glass, not too tall. This one was a surprise. The glass was huge, even the bendy straw was drowning in it. Throwing away the straw carelessly (I hit a guy an unfortunate guy..), I just took sips and went to my spot.

As I was halfway through it, I felt my inhibitions disappear. It turns out that this guy who keeps on rubbing his elbow against mine wants to kiss me. Let's call him Tootles. We were slowly getting the feel of it and then Scooby came and kissed me hard on the lips. Being the charitable person that I am, I kissed him back and gave him a piece of BatangueƱo tongue. What transpired next was a battle of oral proportions. Scooby appeared to be cute, just like a Stepford husband. Tootles, meanwhile was pissed off.

After the kissfest, Scooby whispered to me to follow him to his car. He's just gonna say goodbye to his friends. I was so wasted I wasn't even hearing half of what he said next. I forgot to follow him. So much for getting laid, huh?

Wonder of wonders, Kjartan, my chatmate from Norway, texted me. He was also there and he wanted to meet me. We hugged and he said I smell good (Thank you , House of Moschino for concocting that wonderful fragrance "Friends"). I told him to prove it by kissing my neck, and he did more than kissed it. He nibbled on it hahaha. He also kissed me on the lips, but I didn't like it. As we talked, I happened to ask him about his bf, who's at home sleeping. I jokingly told him I could handle an affair with him if he's interested, and his bf would not ever know. He just kissed me back and with a serious gaze, he said he likes me because I'm naughty.

My dizziness was already becoming apparent. Scooby must be in a frantic search of me within the vicinity, obviously Tootles is still mad at me for not choosing him (I like him, it's just that he's slow), and Kjartan must be checking on my offer for an affair. I said goodbye to Kjartan and began to look for Paris (Jed) and Lindsay (Mark). I really want to go home. I have a headache larger than the state of New Jersey.

Leaving 3 guys with me on their minds, and a place swarming with guys searching for a quick lay, we left the place.

Anyway, I searched the internet for recipes of Long Island Iced Tea. I didn't know this fucker of a drink has 3 versions. Check 'em out. This is great for a children's party ( for the mascot and clown to drink hahaha). Enjoy!

Version 1 (traditional)
1/2 oz vodka 1/2 oz gin 1/2 oz triple sec 1/2 oz light rum 1/2 oz tequila 2 oz sour mix

Mix with ice and then top with Cola.

Version 2

2 cups ice cubes 1 ounce vodka 1 ounce gin 1 ounce white rum 1 ounce white tequila 1/2 ounce triple sec 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 1/2 cup Cola, or to taste 2 lemon wedges

Shake everything but cola and wedges in a cocktail shaker. Pour into glasses and top with Cola, and a lemon wedge.

Version 3 3 oz Triple Sec 1 oz Light Rum 1 oz Dark Rum 1 oz Vodka 1 oz Gin 1 oz Vermouth 3 oz Sour Mix 6 oz Cola 1/2 oz Tequila Ice

Combine everything and serve with ice.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Open Letter to a Dear Friend (with excerpts of lyrics from Paris Hilton's song Jealousy)

"I thought you were my best friend

I thought we'd be together to the end"

For you I have all the love and respect in the world;

Even sacrifice a part of my happiness for yours, I would.

"Your not the girl I once knew

Tell me where she is cause she's not you"

I always thought our life together would always be sweet;

As I counted the years, months, days and weeks.

"You used to be that shoulder

That shoulder I could lean on through it all"

You were always my champion;

I cheered as you fought them all head on.

"But now its getting colder

There's no love between these walls"

Suddenly, snow came without warning;

And I was there, alone and wanting.

"I was always happy

When I was watching you become a star"

I was very content to be "your friend"

A silent little shadow whenever we went.

"But you were only happy

When the world was openin' up my scars"

Later came a series of unfortunate events;

It was always your shining moment at my humiliating expense.

"And now I'm like the devil

Well if I am then what does that make you"

Later it was I whom you judged;

I, who never imagined this, was severely hurt and stunned.

I never dreamed that the strong person I admired, you see;

Would have his venom directed at me.

It is in my heart to forgive;

But I know there's a lesson for you I have to give.

Bitchiness is not a sign of intelligence;

Having a warm heart sums up a persons essence.

Scheming, self-centered person go away;

I do not want you to stay.

Please bring back my friend, the friend I once knew;

My brother, my friend, the strong rock I hold onto when the strongest winds blew.