Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I met this guy named Ryan at the guys4men website and I've been exchanging messages with him for a couple of weeks running. Last last Saturday night, we decided to meet. Since I left my phone, I used my friend, Khalel's phone and texted him, inquiring about the place where we should meet.He was there at that place, however, I had the jitters and decided not to walk up to his table. His friends were there, hovering around him like butterflies. I simply have to meet him alone. it was simply impossible, so I just left with my friends. He's cute, but somehow older than me.I have no qualms, I like him.

Somehow, I had doubts when my friend Khalel told me that Ryan has been texting me, even though he already knows that I am not the one who owns that number. My friend Jed told me, "Honey, forget him. He's on a fishing expedition." Somehow, I felt my interest for him wane. Add that to the fact that he wasn't replying to my text messages although when we meet online, he acknowledges the receipt of the text messages, it's just that he has Globe unlimited.

Yesterday, I was just talking to Jed about Mariah (you all know I'm a certified Mariah fan, therefore called a lamb), then he (ryan) called and apologized, explaining that his text messages to my friend meant nothing and he wants me to come to his place.We talked lengthily, he's a fucking great glib talker and funny too. I never had to fake my sexy giggles. He was really bent on making me come, however, I am still cautious. If I go to his place, it means that sex is very very possible.I've had a firm resolve that I wouldn't sleep with anyone on the first meeting (I reserve the right to change my mind 30 seconds after I see my first crow's feet). It was tempting, very tempting indeed, but somehow I felt like a lamb being led to slaughter.

Should I take a chance with this guy and come to his place? Your comments would help me make the decision. This lamb needs your opinion.