Monday, October 03, 2005


I believe all people have innate kindness and compassion, however, certain factors influence their way of thinking , therefore altering their judgement on things.

Me and my baby went to his freind's house to celebrate her (friend) son's b-day. We were forewarned that there would be people from the Latter Day church and we do know their stand on man to man affairs (they abhor it so much).

Darwin and I are not openly affectionate. We only cuddle and kiss in private. However, we do attend to each other's needs. We arrived rather late and when we did, they moved to face us and I can see them making whispered commetns and passing one cellphone bearing a text message that they giggle about. When we got to eat, Darwin handed me my plate first before getting his own. He got me my drink. There are subtleties in the way we show our love.

When we are eating, I looked up and saw one American guy's gaze on us. I don't want to sound paranoid but they really are bothered by our presence. Only I felt this. My baby maybe is aware of it but he chose not to bother with it. I just sat defiantly and eyed them one by one, remembering their faces. I won't let them spoil my night.

Dinner was done and when they got up to leave, they all pretended to smile and shake our hands. I never knew it was customary for Latter Day people to shake other people's hands inspite of intense dislike. I almost blurted out the word "plastic", however, I remained silent and smiling bitterly.

I swear, God is frowning upon them for whay they did to us. Yet they call themselvers "elders".

Saturday, October 01, 2005


It's been more than a month since I have updated my diary. My apologies to everybody. I haven't forgotten you, it's just that I'm so happy with my life right now. On the eve of our 2nd monthsary, I said something that touched Darwin's heart:

"God is very good to me. I have my family, a job to support myself, real friends and you. If he chooses to give me riches, it would only be a bonus, but if not, I'm content with what I have right now. I used to choose friends and lovers by material standards and not by true worth. Certain events in my life have humbled me and made me realize that happiness could be found through simplicity. I have learned that what's simple is true. That simple truth is , I love you."

Troubles in life? They almost don't count.