Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Open Letter to a Dear Friend (with excerpts of lyrics from Paris Hilton's song Jealousy)

"I thought you were my best friend

I thought we'd be together to the end"

For you I have all the love and respect in the world;

Even sacrifice a part of my happiness for yours, I would.

"Your not the girl I once knew

Tell me where she is cause she's not you"

I always thought our life together would always be sweet;

As I counted the years, months, days and weeks.

"You used to be that shoulder

That shoulder I could lean on through it all"

You were always my champion;

I cheered as you fought them all head on.

"But now its getting colder

There's no love between these walls"

Suddenly, snow came without warning;

And I was there, alone and wanting.

"I was always happy

When I was watching you become a star"

I was very content to be "your friend"

A silent little shadow whenever we went.

"But you were only happy

When the world was openin' up my scars"

Later came a series of unfortunate events;

It was always your shining moment at my humiliating expense.

"And now I'm like the devil

Well if I am then what does that make you"

Later it was I whom you judged;

I, who never imagined this, was severely hurt and stunned.

I never dreamed that the strong person I admired, you see;

Would have his venom directed at me.

It is in my heart to forgive;

But I know there's a lesson for you I have to give.

Bitchiness is not a sign of intelligence;

Having a warm heart sums up a persons essence.

Scheming, self-centered person go away;

I do not want you to stay.

Please bring back my friend, the friend I once knew;

My brother, my friend, the strong rock I hold onto when the strongest winds blew.

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