Sunday, December 11, 2011

Status: Single

So that's 1 year of talking, chatting and talking over the phone leads to - rejection.

R and I have been talking for a very long time, and ever since I can remember, we hit it off to a good start. There were instances that I gave up, sometimes he gave up but we eventually get back to talking again.

You know what's good about cyberspace? you make connections with a person even for a very long time and yet, when the ties are severed, the hurt is nonexistent. Everything is great until one night, R called me. Feeling confident, I dared him to meet up to which he accepted.

Edsa Central is the ugliest place to meet. Eeew anyway, for jobless guys like R, it's the most affordable hangout to boot. Add to more eeewness, he thinks highly of Padi's Point. Anyway, at first we were talking okay, until he saw my phone and he knew I had an organization/group/clan. He got irked and asked me to quit. Everything went downhill from there.

Still full of hope, I was angling for a comeback, but suddenly he shut me down by telling me to go home. I went home, removed him from facebook and edited all my online profiles.

I'm laying off from love for now. It's no use. I'll just get hurt. It would take A LOT for me to trust again.

Status: Single. Yup that's me.

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