Friday, June 17, 2005


Yahoooo! Nagreply na si Mark and ok raw na magdate uli kami. Eto yung reply niya sa message ko:

Me: NOTE: I may not be the best looking guy you have met or will meet. I may not be the brightest person you may have shared ideas with. I may not be the most sexually gifted person you've been with. All I know is that I am here with all my heart, believing that what's simple is true. The simple truth is, I LOVE YOU.

MARK: NOTE: u know mah sun no ryt?? so juz txt me wen and wer kung ala me sked tutulog me sa bahay nyo hehehehe........

Tingin ko this is it. Todo na 'to. This time he'll be mine.. again ahahahahahaha (teka tawang kontrabida yata yun ah?).

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