Saturday, August 13, 2005


Ang Phone Conversation namin ni Darwin

It turned out na we know each other in the same website and have met some before. It was a queer feelign that we have this instant conneciton, that we could shift from topic to topic and not get bored.

We both like Kyla, we both liked the movie "If Only" and we both agree that the movie is very moving and inspiring.

After much pleasantries, I requested for a copy of "My Love Will Show You Everyhting" mp3 and Harry Potter book 6 pdf file.

But sometimes, my sense leaves me and goes down to my foot. I made a blabber about a guy he used to adore. Actually that guy almost slept with half of Manila's gay population so I just cautioned him. He felt, bad I know. To make amends, I offered to treat him to coffee at Starbucks. Well, I guess it would be shooting two birds in one stone - meeting him and making myself feel less guilty for my loose tongue. It was all set and that fateful day was scheduled on a Wednesday...At last he has a name. Darwin

Darwin here I come...

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